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Budget-friendly e-Design Services

Looking to turn your house into a home? Caillou Home Interiors is here to help. Hi, I'm Paige! As a designer certified by the NYIAD, I vow to provide quality work for all your design needs. My main goal is to create designs in order to make your home both comfortable and functional, all at a budget-friendly price point. I specialize in mixing old and new elements to create a cozy, curated space. I provide my designs through RoomPlays so please visit the link below if you are interested in a consultation. After designs are provided the next steps taken are entirely up to you. I will provide 10 sourced products per design (additional sourced products are available at an extra cost), but you are free to move as quickly or as slowly as you'd like. No pressure to take on everything at once! Take a look at the great projects I've worked on in the past!



Paige Benoit Hayes

Youngsville, LA, USA


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